The strange baby that manages to speak with only 2 months Hybrid? (Shocking Video)

There are many conspiracy theorists who affirm the fact that aliens have long been experimenting with human DNA, especially after the abduction agenda agreed with the United States government.

Although it seems something out of science fiction, for many the evidence is in our eyes, when on many occasions, babies are born with strange deformations or even very suspicious features like the next child.
This case is worldwide known, the child is called “Benjamin Button” was born in Magura, Bangladesh and its history has caused great controversy due to its strange suffering.

The science speculates that this child could suffer from a very strange disease, called “progeria”, that supposedly only affects 1 child in 7 million. A little strange, right?

This child’s skin is much thicker, wrinkled like an old man. While parents have said that what has happened to their child is considered a blessing, they are not all aware of what might actually have happened to their baby.

The thick layer of his skin is a factor that has greatly disoriented doctors, to the point that it has allowed conspiracy theorists to speculate that we are actually in the presence of authentic evidence of a hybrid being reptilian.

The most suspicious thing is that these strange cases usually occur only in countries far away where access to news media and quite similar, favorable scenario for this type of cases can remain as long hidden as possible. Today, thanks to the internet, the case has come to light, and could be closely related to a macabre and dark pact made by the US government with extraterrestrial beings, who would have been allowed to abduct humans from certain regions of the planet to Carry out human hybridization experiments.

As if it were not surprising, some people close to the child, have mentioned as something extraordinary, that the little baby has managed to even babble some words, provoking the surprise and amazement of everyone. Could it be other evidence of extraterrestrial DNA? Is this a real hybrid child?

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