THE UNEXPLAINED 3 MASSIVE, perfectly aligned towers discovered on the surface of Mars

The Martian surface is brimming with surprises for eagle-eyed space fanatics who devote their time to scouring the Red Planet for unusual details and anomalies. While most of the so-called ‘revelations’ can easily be attributed to pareidolia (the human tendency to attribute familiar patterns and structures to random objects), others cannot be dismissed quite so easily. Falling firmly into the latter camp is the discovery of three towers in the Terra Meridiani region of Mars. R


The perfectly aligned tower like structures was spotted by UFO researchers investigating the possibility of alien bases on Mars. Interestingly, the three towers resemble almost exactly the positioning of the pyramids of Giza which are suspected to have been placed in homage to the three main stars in the constellation of Orion. The Ancient Egyptians’ astrological knowledge and incredible capacity for engineering have long baffled scientists and archaeologists with some people suggesting that these ancient people were given a helping hand by an advanced alien race. Could it be possible that the same race of aliens that helped the Ancient Egyptians was responsible for building these structures on the Martian surface?

As of yet, there is no clear evidence to suggest a definitive link between the pyramids built by the Ancient Egyptians and the trio of towers on Mars. However, UFO researchers such as Jose Luis believe that owing to the peculiar features of the towers it is certain that they are of ‘artificial origin’.

There are dozens of theories abounding about alien colonization of the red planet, but perhaps the most compelling come from Dr. John Brandenburg of the University of California, an expert in theoretical plasma physics. According to Dr. Brandenberg, there is clear evidence that advanced alien civilizations once existed on Mars but that they were wiped out by nuclear attacks. Dr. Brandenberg supports this theory by pointing to the evidence, including unusually high levels of uranium and thorium, which suggests that Mars was the victim of at least two major nuclear blasts in the distant past. While Dr. Brandenberg says, it is likely that they were attacked by a separate hostile species. He has warned that the same thing could happen to Earth if human beings are not properly prepared for an alien attack.

However, it is equally feasible that ancient Martians managed to wipe themselves out in a planet-wide nuclear war. Given the current agitated and highly tense international landscape at this current time, Mars could provide an example of what can happen to a planet if nuclear weapons are allowed to proliferate without restraint. Check out the RAW image of the structures here:


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