3:00 am. The time of the damned souls

We know that there are countless mysteries that surround the number 3, making it a full figure of meanings for the dark world and the science of the paranormal. To begin with, is a minimum common multiple of 666, number recognized as the number of the devil. In the same sense, the Christian Trinity is composed of three persons just as the dark side has configured countless trinitarian deities that oppose the good.

For these reasons it isn’t surprising that many people claim to have had various paranormal experiences, exactly at 3:33 am, since this time is known as the hour of the damned souls.

The most frequent paranormal experiences at 3:33 am

It strikingly strikes the attention that many people totally lose sleep exactly at 3:33 am, usually wake up sweaty and scared with the feeling that someone’s watching them, and usually fall asleep after 4:00 am. This phenomenon is related to paranormal situations that can deeply disconcert those who have happened to them.

In this period many witness unexplained events such as feeling the presence of a spiritual entity that closes and opens the doors of their house, the occurrence of all kinds of noises, or a very common fact that’s lights turning on or appliances.

These facts are appreciated by all kinds of people, especially those who practice satanic cults or witchcraft rites, as well as to skeptics who tend to deny or mock these situations.

Explanations given by experts in paranormal matters

This moment of the day is known among the theorists of the science of the paranormal as “the cursed hour” or “the hour of Satan,” because it’s the opposite time to the moment that Christians commemorate as “the hour of redemption” Or “the hour of Christ”, this being 3:00 pm; as the scriptures record the Son of God died on the cross at that hour of the afternoon.

Science tries to explain what happened during the devil’s hour

So much has been said in different social circles and media about this subject, that a group of scientists was encouraged to join the discussion by offering their point of view according to the criteria of conventional science, they stated that the responses to what they called a physiological psycho-emotional phenomenon is found only by analyzing the sleep cycles.

They explain that although we could feel a single sleep of 6 or 8 hours, in reality our sleeping time is divided into several phases of short waves called REM, of these phases the last one begins at 3:00 am in which the dream becomes lighter so we’re more alert and sensitive to any danger, and it’s at that time when our senses are sharpened and we’re more sensitive to any noise or movement.

As there are always different versions and views on the same reality, it seems to us that coincidences don’t exist and something superhuman may be hiding behind these repeated mysterious manifestations just at 3:33 am.

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