Thanks to the Deep Web recently has been leaked an extraordinary video of an extraterrestrial autopsy done in the year 1980 (area 51). Several investigators say the video is authentic and we are facing a real alien who suffered some type of accident or was shot down by the US Air Force.

There is evidence confirming experiments with extraterrestrial beings, this was confirmed by Bob Lazar, the scientist claimed to have worked in (Sector Four) or the area also known as “S-4”.

He also said that the area so far away was to reverse engineer extraterrestrial technology, he also gave details of the fuel system used by the aliens, apparently the ships operated from a chemical element (Ununpentium)

Secret tests and meetings with extraterrestrial beings were carried out in the remote facilities of Area 51, assuring that they had also developed weapons for the manipulation of the climate thanks to the extraterrestrial technology.

Teleportation and time travel were also developed thanks to the alien intervention with humans, it is said that the US government would have managed to send even humans to the past to try to change some events warned by the aliens.

What do you think? Does it seem real or false?


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