Fire chief of a US city says his security camera captured a real angel

It is said that angels exist in the form of pure energy or light because they are capable of vibrating at a higher level of vibration. In addition, these higher beings exist in a higher spiritual dimension known as “the world of light . ” In fact, everything that exists within the source of life serves a particular purpose within human spiritual existence. However, it does not matter if one believes or not in angels, since there are many who say that they really exist, to guide us in our spiritual journey based on the concept of unconditional love that unites all living energies.

Unfortunately, we rarely see angels because they exist at a higher level of the spiritual dimension. Experts in the field say that each one of us has our own guardian angel to guide us on our spiritual journey and they are only visible to those people who call them. Although it must also be said that only those who have an open mind, such as children , can have a direct contact or conversation with their spiritual guide . It must also be said that the spiritual guide does not need to be seen, since he can be present in many forms with the purpose of helping us, in complicated moments.

Therefore, whether you believe it or not, our guardian angels are here to protect us at all times. And if you still have doubts, you just have to see the image that is going around the world. The fire chief of the American city of East Jordan, Michigan, claims to have obtained the definitive proof that angels exist.

The angel of East Jordan

Glen Thorman, the fire chief of East Jordan, Michigan, United States, claims to have been “impressed” after the security camera of his home captured the presence of an angel that mysteriously appeared on his truck. His friends, family and the pastor of the local church believe him, so it has quickly become news in the main American media .

chief firefighter angel - Fire Chief of a US city ensures that his security camera captured a real angel

The story went viral after Thorman shared the images of the so-called “protective angel” with his pastor, who responded by saying that there is no doubt that he is guarding his residence while they sleep. According to local church Jordan Rivers Church, which posted the photos on its Facebook page , said the images had not been retouched , and clearly shows a being with head and wings.

“Last night in the house of Thorman, the security camera took this snapshot” , said the description that accompanied the image. “Glen Thorman is the fire chief of East Jordan (who also attend Jordan Rivers). Yes, friends … It’s an angel. I suppose there is no doubt who is guarding their residence while they sleep, and yes, they pray that the Lord’s Angels will watch over them and their properties. These photos have not been modified in any way. The second photo, the security camera also shot because the angel was moving away. The camera is designed to photograph anything unusual or moving. When they checked the security camera, they cried a lot. WOW!

El jefe de bomberos y el pastor de la iglesia no son los únicos que piensan que las imágenes son una prueba de lo sobrenatural. Después de su publicación en las redes sociales fueron muchos los internautas que dieron su opinión sobre el misterioso ser alado. Los creyentes aseguran que es una prueba irrefutable de que existen los ángeles y de cómo nos protegen, mientras que otros dicen que podría ser el mothman, la misteriosa criatura que apareció por primera vez en Point Pleasant (Virginia Occidental) anunciando una catástrofe. Al parecer, ahora se estaría apareciendo en East Jordan también con un significado profético.

firefighters angel - Fire Chief of an American city assures that his security camera captured a real angel

However, not everyone agrees with all these supernatural theories. The most skeptical believe that it is more like a moth or other nocturnal insect causing a pareidolia, the curious phenomenon that makes our brains see familiar patterns even where there are none.

“Definitely in the first picture is moth-shaped,” said a professional photographer from East Jordan. “You can see clearly what it looks like, or it could be interpreted as wings and head. But at the same time, since it is not clearly focused and given that it is what it is, there may be room for interpretation. “

It is clear that, as the East Jordan photographer says, everyone can interpret the image as they wish. Those who are believers say that it is an angel, while the most skeptical say that it is an insect. But what no one can deny is that whether it is a supernatural phenomenon or has a logical and rational explanation, if some people feel better after seeing the photo, then whatever it is has already done its function.

Does the image show a true angel? Or, as the skeptics say, is it a pareidolia triggered by some nocturnal insect? It’s up to you.

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