A mother claims to have seen her son’s ghost during a fireworks display

They are a common element in horror movies. Dead children that become the final nightmare of the parents. Films like Living Seed (Pet Sematary), The Sixth Sense (The Sixth Sense) or Sinister show ghostly children, appearances that directly enter the minds of the spectators. So why are we so obsessed with the chilling presence of dead children?

The truth is that, if we believe that ghosts or spirits are the residue of tragedy, then each child would end up being a ghost. Because nothing is more inopportune, wrong or disturbing at the center of our being than the loss of a child. But not always the presence of a ghost child means fear or terror in those who see them.

The little Ralphie Plant, only 10 weeks old, died last year after suffering respiratory problems caused by a virus. Last Tuesday, her parents, Nicole and Ricky, invited their relatives to their home in Loughborough, England, to celebrate what would be their second birthday. In a photo of the fireworks shows that the flames take the shape of little Ralphie, or so his parents believe.

The ghostly figure of little Ralphie

The ghost of a small child who died at the young age of 10 weeks appeared during the fireworks at a party held to celebrate his second birthday , as explained by his mother. Ralphie Plant passed away last year, and on Tuesday of this week her parents, Nicole and Ricky, invited family members to their home in the English town of Loughborough to celebrate what would be their second birthday.

A photograph of one of the fireworks shows that the flames take the form of the children’s television character Sam the fireman , and Nicole and Ricky are convinced that Ralphie appeared at the party disguised as Sam, who is the favorite of his older brother Riley-Lee.

“I put my photos on Facebook and when I saw them I thought: Wow!” Said Nicole, 28, to the online newspaper Daily Mail Online. “I posted it on a page of ghosts and angels, and other people agreed with what I was seeing. I know he came to the party and disguised himself as Sam the fireman because he loves his older brother and is always with him. When I look at the picture, I also see a little halo and angel wings. People thought I was crazy, but I do not think they can say that after seeing this picture. “

However, this is not the first time that Nicole feels that her son’s spirit is with her.

“I see him every day in the small signals he sends me,” Nicole continued. “I had an old microwave and every time I used it, the countdown stopped at seven instead of zero. Ralphie was born on November 7, so I thought it was weird. Then, about three months ago, after I moved out of the house, I bought a new microwave and did the same: every time I use it, the timer stops at seven. “

And it is not the first time that Ralphie appears in photographs.

“I took Riley-Lee to the Stonehurst Family Farm and Moto Museum in Mountsorrel once and then I posted a picture of him on Facebook. Someone saw that there were a couple of small stars on his head. They are a sign that Raphie is always with us, “ Nicole concluded.

Ralphie died on January 16 last year, eight days after being discharged from the Children’s Hospital of Nottingham at Queen’s Medical Center. An investigation later concluded that he suffered respiratory problems caused by a virus. Since then, Nicole and Ricky had a new baby, Radley, who was born six weeks before November of last year and also needed special care. He had a valve locked in his heart and was treated in the Leicester Royal Infirmary neonatal unit for three weeks before he was considered well enough to go home.


But apart from the ghostly photo, Nicole was in the crosshairs of the media for another issue related to her deceased son Ralphie. Nicole shared photos of her ten-week-old baby as part of a campaign to ask for monitoring monitors for children with apnea. In the photos you can see the mother posing with her son Ralphie after discovering that he had died in his bassinet , a crib for newborn.

Shortly after the photos were published, Nicole began receiving messages of all kinds telling her that “she was sick and that she should feel ashamed to share such photographs.”

What do you think about photography? Is it really the ghost of little Ralphie? Or maybe the ghostly figure is only part of the imagination of an afflicted mother?

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