Scientist reveals photos and evidence confirming the existence of aliens before dying

During immemorial times, human beings have been wondering if we are alone in the universe. In recent years, certain evidence is emerging that seems to demonstrate that the existence of extraterrestrial life is closer than we think. On October 5, a team of British scientists led by Professor Milton Wainwright of the University of Sheffield, England, publicly released an amazing photograph showing an organism of extraterrestrial origin

But this type of discovery has also given way to endless conspiracy theories, which point directly to the main governments of our planet to hide evidence, and even to be cooperating with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

And when everything seemed to be part of the imagination of some conspiranoics and ufologists, now the scientific community is again marked by public opinion, this time by the surprising statements of an aerospace scientist before his death. Boyd Bushman, who passed away on August 7, 2014, recorded a video of just over 30 minutes where he showed evidence that UFOs and aliens exist, in addition to claiming that he has even had conversations with them.

Definitive evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth

Boyd Bushman was born in Globe, Arizona, in 1936 and died on August 7, 2014 in Tucson, Arizona. Bushman was considered one of the great engineers of Lockheed Martin, a multinational company of the aerospace industry. I dedicate over forty years to aerospace research, awarded by paras paras, in addition to working for Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics or Texas Instruments. According to his biography, Bushman was manager of several aerospace and scientific programs at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company from 1986 to 2000, where he remained a consultant after retiring.

But it is not because of his impressive career as a scientist that he has made news again in the mainstream media around the world. Bushman died on August 7, but shortly before his death, he offered an incredible interview that was published on YouTube earlier this month and that already has more than a million and a half visits.

discovered in space, becoming the ultimate test that all life on Earth, including humans, is of extraterrestrial origin.

In the video, Bushman claims that one of his top-secret jobs was “reverse engineering , ” technology of extraterrestrial origin for the use of the United States military. But for those who think it is an impressive revelation, Bushman goes further with his statements. It also shows photographs of extraterrestrial beings, who in some cases have died inside the highly classified military base Area 51, also known as Dreamland, located in the Nevada desert some 85 kilometers north of Las Vegas.

“The only reason I believe in everything they told me is because my people got me pictures for thirty years,” Bushman explains in the video. “They are not just photographs, but I did them assignments being an important engineer and they got me really close photos. For example, a UFO ready to take off , taken up close. What they told me is that the UFO is made of three elements and none is metal. It turns out that these things get up and fly using anti-gravity systems. ”

According to the digital version of the Daily News, Bushman describes the aliens as between 1.20 and 1.50 meters tall and with elongated fingers , webbed feet and come from a planet known as “Quintumnia” , from which only take about 45 years in traveling to Earth. The engineer even gave them a mission: to photograph the planets that were on their way from their trip to Earth.

Alien scientist

Bushman also gives details of the extraterrestrial trips and his current mission in the land, which use UFOs of about 11 meters in diameter, while about 18 extraterrestrials continue to work in top secret facilities in the United States. He also said that 230-year-old aliens working in Area 51 can communicate with humans through telepathy , using our own voice.

“They are beings between 1.20 and 1.50 meters high. The American Army has one, or two, in Area 51 and they are close to 230 years of age, ” Bushman continues. “Their eyes are different from ours, the nose is different but they have five fingers in each hand, two eyes … What surprised me is that I asked how they communicated … and they told me: let’s say you have a question in your mind, then you go in a room with them and suddenly you find that the answer is given to you with your own voice. They are able to use your own voice with telepathy, to speak to you. ”

Apart from these revelations, Bushman also gives more specific details on how the extraterrestrial races that operate on Earth are organized, on the spiritual realm, extraterrestrial objects in Area 51, the demolition of UFO or dead extraterrestrial ships .

But shortly after the video of Bushman became a viral phenomenon, some people began to publish images of an extraterrestrial being very similar to the one shown by Bushman in the video, although it can be said that he is not the same. But the conspiracy theorists have reacted quickly, suggesting that the United States government put into circulation a doll very similar to the real extraterrestrial beings with the sole purpose of discrediting the statements of one of the most brilliant minds of aerospace engineering.

Is Bushman revealing the most important secret in the history of mankind? Is it a man who has lost his mental faculties? Or do they want to prepare us for the imminent extraterrestrial revelation?

Next, Boyd Bushman’s confession about the existence of extraterrestrial beings before his death:

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