Spontaneous teleportation? South African police investigate a patient found dead on the roof of a hospital

The teleporting , the fact that travel great distances in seconds, has captivated our imagination and has served as a fixed main element in science fiction stories for decades. Moving from one place to another in an instant way certainly has an irresistible appeal. However, the big question is: are there people who have somehow achieved this incredible feat through means that go beyond our understanding? If we believe some truly strange and hallucinatory reports, the answer to this question would be yes.

The stories of people who teleport mysteriously go back surprisingly throughout history and continue to this day. Some of the first stories seem to have a quite folkloric or religious quality, but in spite of everything they are surprising. In the Bible we find many references about people who traveled long distances instantaneously, helped by angelic beings, and there are other stories from the beginning of the century, such as the philosopher and the first century physician Apollonius of Tiana, who was told that He teleported long distances to treat the victims of a plague. And although it seems incredible, these types of cases continue to occur today. Now, the hospital staff in Stellenbosch, near Cape Town, South Africa,“File X”.

Without official explanation

The incident occurred in early October, when a 61-year-old man entered the Stellenbosch Provincial Hospital. He previously underwent an operation in the abdominal cavity at the Paarl Provincial Hospital, after which the patient was taken to the hospital for further rehabilitation . The authenticity of the incident was confirmed by the spokesman of the Ministry of Health of the Western Cape, Mark van der Heever.

On October 5, one of the nurses went to the pavilion where the patient was, as usual. He left the pavilion for a short period of time to bring clean sheets, and when he returned, there was no one in the patient’s room . Everything indicated that it had disappeared completely spontaneously and there were no signs to indicate where it had gone.

In the following hours, the clinic staff examined both the inside and the outside of the hospital, but they did not find the missing patient . The local police also participated in the search, but to no avail. After 13 days, the patient’s body appeared, although unfortunately died. But the most surprising and terrifying of all is that he was … on the roof . Rather, in a kind of empty interior isolated inside the roof slabs. Neither the hospital staff nor the authorities could understand how the body arrived there. Being in a postoperative condition, the patient could not by himself have arrived there.

Mark van der Heever, spokesman for the Ministry of Health of the Western Cape, spoke about the incident and said that “the circumstances of how a man could reach the ceiling, are now being investigated . ” He also said that at this moment the hospital is under construction and this complicates the investigation of the case.

“Before his disappearance, a nurse attended him ,” Mark van der Heever said in a statement. “When he went to look for clean clothes, the patient disappeared. Unfortunately, the patient’s body was discovered 13 days later in an isolated area on the roof, which is difficult to reach. Currently construction work is being carried out at the hospital that also contributed to the difficulty of the search. Circumstances related to the way the patient gained access to the roof are being investigated. “

Soon an autopsy will be performed, which will give an answer to the question of why the patient died. The department has conveyed its condolences to the family and is expected to meet with them once the autopsy report has been published.

Could the deceased have spontaneously teleported in some way to a cabin on the roof or has it just been a strange accident?

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