A teleported car causes an accident in Singapore

If you have not heard it yet, quantum teleportation has really been achieved and, in fact, Chinese scientists established a record of farthest quantum teleportation ever achieved, when they sent a photon in its quantum state in orbit. However, and although it seems incredible, the scientific community has not discovered anything new. We’ve seen it in science fiction books and movies, the idea that a person can teleport in any direction / location is certainly more reality than fantasy.

Thanks to the Internet we have countless stories that confirm some of the events about real teleportation around the world. And not only is it about people, but objects also have the ability to vanish from a place only to appear moments later in another site. Some of these stories have been published in Esoteric and Paranormal World, such as the mysterious dog that teleported during an illegal car race, the “ghost car” that causes an accident on an Australian highway, and even another “ghost car”that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere causing panic on a Russian street. Well it happened again, this time in Singapore. The dashcam (dashboard camera) of a vehicle shows a car that emerges suddenly before an accident.

Another case of teleportation

The video of the dashcam was recorded in mid-October on a street in Singapore and uploaded to Facebook. It shows a BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe white that moves slowly at an intersection to turn right. Like the British, Singaporeans drive on the opposite side of the road.

When the driver of the BMW stops to let a truck pass, the street is seen clearly and everything seems normal. But as it accelerates to complete the turn, a compact small silver vehicle seems to materialize out of nowhere and crosses directly in front of the Series 6, causing a collision. It’s a principle that seems like a completely unimportant accident, except where did that little car come from?

The Facebook account that uploaded the video described it as a “Back to the Future” scene , a situation where the “ghost car” simply jumps through space-time, but in the wrong place. The video published by ROADS.sg has achieved almost 500,000 reproductions in less than a month and has caused all kinds of reactions among Internet users, since there are no signs of the silver car before the accident. Many people have seen the images again and again, trying desperately to see where the car comes from.

Believers in the inexplicable assure that the silver compact vehicle has teleported in the wrong place , which luckily or unfortunately happens more times than we think. A clear example was the “ghost car” that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere causing panic on a Russian street. The images, which became a viral phenomenon, also corresponded to a dashcam of a vehicle that was behind a BMW. There was an intersection, just as it happened in Singapore, when the traffic light changed color to make way for them. At one point the BMW was forced to brake sharply when another vehicle appeared mysteriously out of nowhere.

However, skeptics have another opinion about it. They ensure that, if you look closely, you can see the brightness of the Sun on the roof of the compact silver vehicle at the other end of the road, as it heads towards the camera. For the rest of the video, the movements of the car that records with its dashcam and the BMW are synchronized exactly to block the vision of the “ghost car” .

Between that and the shadows in the lane where the silver vehicle passed, it would show that it is a great optical illusion. Or at least this is what the experts of the digital magazine ” The Drive” say , although they also recognize that they can not explain why the driver of the BMW accelerated just as the silver vehicle passed by, a very obvious detail from the point of view of the driver of the BMW.

So, what is really happening here? Is it a new teleportation case? Or do you have another logical and rational explanation? We are anxious to read your comments.


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