Video of 1992 of an alien body in Switzerland found in the Dark Web

A video posted on YouTube that was supposedly filmed in 1992 in Eiger, Switzerland, shows what appears to be a body with a huge extraterrestrial head, large eyes, small, thin arms and torso – much like the stereotypical image of an alien.

An image of the being shows the body supported by what appears to be an electrical cable, and another shows a group of scientists who apparently examine the body.

The video was published this week by the UFO Today channel UFO Today, which described it as an extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE), amid claims that it was filmed hastily in “clandestine circumstances.”

The channel also claimed to have found the footage “on a server on the dark web,” part of the Internet that contains details of many illegal and hidden activities, and is not indexed by the search engines.

The origin of this video and the scene it represents remains a mystery.

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