The 13 families that apparently rule the world: the global elite? The dark elite?

13 families or lineages of the world elite . The so-called “dark elite”, have they implemented a control over society?

The origins of the Illuminati and these 13 families are mysterious and, according to various investigations, many of these families would remain hidden from the public eye . Among them are last names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kennedy and Bundy. The following are 13 bloodlines that would form the world’s elite, with the greatest political and financial power .

13. The Astor bloodline Originally from Italy.

They have numerous investments in real estate, politics, and various businesses throughout the US and England . Known as the “landlords of the United States,” with a large amount of property.

12. The Bundy bloodline

They have ties to the Kennedys and the Onassis. The infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy , is part of this bloodline . McGeorge Bundy is another striking figure: He was a National Security Advisor to John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson . His brother, William Bundy, was a CIA intelligence expert.

It is reported that McGeorge went so far as to manipulate Presidents Kennedy and Johnson , and that he withheld key information that he did not share with them.

11. The Collins bloodline

It has been said that they have a more hidden power than the Rothschilds . They have been seen involved in satanic rituals and even human sacrifices in order to gain esoteric power. The curious name “Grande Mother Collins” appears linked to these rituals.

There are several members of this lineage who work in the media , such as Robert M. Collins at Reuters (a media allegedly associated with the Illuminati) and Joan Collins at the Associated Press.

10. The DuPont Lineage

It dates back to Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours , a French writer, economist, and government official. He was involved in the French Revolution of 1789.

Pierre Samuel emigrated to the United States and built the largest gunpowder factory in the country . Jefferson, a Mason from the Grand Orient (and a so-called “Illuminatus”) was quite supportive during this time. The DuPonts also entered the world of politics and various other businesses .

9. The Freeman lineage Originally from England.

They have been linked to the secret sect of the Priory of Sion , and have been reported to have been members of Skull & Bones . This family is prominent in fields such as science, law, and various businesses .

8. The Kennedy bloodline

They have been called the “Royal Family of America . ” Despite the controversies and suspicious deaths of JFK and Robert Kennedy, they still have great status today . It was reported that JFK was associated with Anton LaVey (founder of the Satanic Church) and even with members of the mafia. He was a member of the Pilgrim Society (supposed branch of the Illuminati). Today, the Kennedys remain in positions of political power , such as Joseph P. Kennedy III and Edward M. Kennedy Jr.

7. The Li lineage

The Li are presumed to be the most powerful in China’s commercial market , with mentions in the opium business. They have a great relationship with the Rockefellers .

6. The Onassis lineage

A powerful family in the boat business in Greece , with a multimillion-dollar fortune. They have made large business agreements with multinationals such as Texaco, Mobil and Socony. Aristotle Socrates Onassis was related to the Kennedys through his marriage to Jacqueline Kennedy.

5. The Reynolds lineage

Known as the most powerful of Winston-Salem , with an economic power born from the tobacco company, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. The descendants of RJ Reynolds have been substantial in the economic growth of the southern United States . Structure of the Masons. Courtesy:

4. The Rockefeller bloodline

America’s wealthiest tycoons , for their multi-million dollar oil, banking and real estate deals. The Rockefellers have promoted Marxism, socialism, and a program for one World Government . Also to strange religious sects that used brainwashing techniques and that spoke of the New World Order .

3. The Rothschild bloodline

Descendants of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, known as the “founding father of international finance . ” The family has been considered the wealthiest in the history of mankind . They are said to be Satanists and were important in establishing the Seal of Solomon and the Star of David as symbols of the Jews .

2. The Russell lineage

Reference family from New England, with founding members of Yale University and other educational institutions (and Skull & Bones, presumably). It has been said that this family recruits candidates , with potential and intelligence, to enter Masonic lodges .

1. The Van Duyn lineage

Linked to Dutch nobles . They have great political influence, due to that “royalty” factor. They have been associated with the Wicca religion and Satanism (or anti-Christianity) . A member of the Van Duyn family founded the Planned Parenthood center in Syracusa, New York , and this center is thought to be part of a population control and sterilization agenda .


The list is the result of research by Fritz Springmeier . In another article we had exposed Stewart A. Swerdlow’s research on some 13 families of the elite, of the so-called New World Order. Several of those lineages are repeated in this Springmeier list , so we already have two investigations with similar information. In the previous article we also clarified that there were likely other more remote families .

The Illuminati and the dark elite are a controversial topic , but as we saw, several of these families have been associated with that secret society . Also to others like the Freemasons and the Bilderberg Club.

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