Crashed Flying Saucer Spotted In Antarctica (Video)

There are many unexplained anomalies discovered in Antarctica over the years. This video shows a possible crashed flying saucer as well as other strange objects resembling alien or man-made craft.


Coordinates: 74°47’54.86″S 110°33’38.27″W
Classic UFO
Coordinates: 61°57’51.64″S 58° 3’42.73″W
Crashed Flying Saucer
Coordinates: 73°35’57.17″S 164°48’14.86″E
V-shaped UFO or man-made craft
Coordinates: 72°1’32.19″S 169°34’59.68″E
Ancient triangle UFO
Coordinates: 74°18’52.37″S 9°27’18.32″W

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  • Bruh if da men an black come tellem u want 100 billion. U did it. Dats good proof dem is aliens. Leak dis shyt be4 da world leaders an shyt erase it from da internet an cover it up

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