“Extraterrestrial self-replicating probes monitor the Earth”, according to astrophysicist

Where are all the aliens? Why hasn’t another civilization contacted us yet? An astrophysicist has a revolutionary answer: “Because the aliens are already here”

Zaza Osmanov of the Free University of Tbilisi in Georgia has suggested in a new study that a race of extraterrestrial beings could be using “self-replicating probes” to explore our galaxy, including Earth.

Osmanov says that a civilization that has reached “Stage 2” on the Kardashev Scale , or what is the same, one level above us, would be fully capable of producing a fleet of “Von Neumann Probes”.

The Von Neumann probes would be “small self-replicating robots that would collect resources from planets and asteroids to build new copies of themselves.”

“All the results indicate that if a foreign object with extremely high values ​​of increased brightness is detected, it may be a good sign to place the object on the candidate list for the von Neumann extraterrestrial probes,” the Russian astrophysicist wrote.

“We consider the scenario in which type 2 civilization must” invade interstellar clouds via self-reproducing robots, “he continued. “And it has been shown that this process will inevitably lead to the consequences of observation.”

But when it comes to explaining why we haven’t seen this fleet of probes, Osmanov has a totally plausible new theory: “the probes are much smaller than the eye can see.”

“Or they are equipped with Stealth shields, invisible to the human eye and a military radar.” In fact, it is no coincidence that in Russia and other parts of the world, UFOs are recorded only thanks to infrared cameras.

The scientist says nanotechnology is the obvious choice for building a probe that moves, builds quickly, and adapts to a wide range of potential landing sites.

“We analyzed the efficiency of Von-Neumann probes at the microscale versus macro robots and found that the former could [reproduce] efficiently in interstellar media.”

“While large-scale automata can only replicate on rocky planets, this requires more maneuvering ..”

“Even if there were billions of these little machines infiltrating the solar system, we would not be able to detect them with our current instrumentation.”

Each would be about one nanometer in size, which is only one billionth of a meter.

But while the micro-machines are nearly invisible due to their size, Osmanov says there may still be a way to detect them.

If by hypothesis these probes are powered by light, they could emit small amounts of light as they travel through space.

If you observe using infrared telescopes, these streams of light would appear as the “trails” left by comets.

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