Security camera captures a UFO flying two meters above the ground

A rare and inexplicable UFO sighting occurred a few days ago, specifically on March 13, 2021, in Orlando, Florida USA.

An impressive video at night by a surveillance camera captured a strange object flying low and very close to an animal.

In the first instance, a deer is observed grazing in front of the surveillance camera, and suddenly an unidentified object passes by it at not very high speed.

If we make a comparison with the possible proportions of this object, we would say that it is approximately one meter wide, and the possible dark area in the middle of the strange object is possibly a window.

The camera that captured the event is located five feet or two feet from the ground, and the most curious thing about the event is that the deer was not affected by the passage of this unidentified flying object.

Therefore, it shows that it does not emit any noise, no sound that alerts the animal, and another curious fact is that not even a slight wind aroused the stampede interest of the deer.

What can we be facing? Could it be a CGI montage?

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