Ars Notoria: The Ancient Text “That Teaches Superhuman Abilities”

Since ancient times, man has felt the need to develop supernatural abilities. This is why books like “Ars Notoria” have been written that talk about these superhuman abilities and how to develop them.

It is believed to be one of the oldest and most mysterious books in the world.

The ancient text “Ars Notoria” is found within the renowned book called ” The Lesser Key of Solomon .”

These writings assure that whoever reads and understands the “silver tongue” will obtain a  perfect memory to house inconceivable wisdom .

Ars Notoria: The Text of Infinite Wisdom.

This book was originally written in 3 different languages; Greek, Latin, and Hebrew.

The original writings of “Ars Notoria” were so famous that it is rumored that even  King Solomon himself  used them to become the most wise, talented and compassionate king on earth.

There is a kind of communicational ploy in these ancient texts that fascinate many readers.

This trick is known as the “magnetic experiment,” which explains in detail how to use the cornerstone and needles to  communicate over long distances .

It is said that if the 2 needles rub against the cornerstone properly, the needles will tangle with each  other beyond the gap . That is, if one needle moved, the other would also move regardless of distance.

If the needles were placed in a circle of letters and Pictures, people communicated at  great distances by  spelling out words.

There are many ideas and notions found in this ancient text that for many were  ahead of their time .

An unknown science?

They say that the book grants infinite wisdom.

So far, there are many known sciences that attempt to explain situations that  cannot be understood . According to the theorists, the Ars Notoria is a text that tries to specialize in it.

In the past, the vast majority of people could not read or interpret  sacred scriptures . That is why it is believed that they have been able to consider, or classify, these texts as mysterious.

Unfortunately, at present, everything that does not come from science, or that cannot be explained scientifically, is minimized and even discarded by the scientific community.

However, the great minds of history, such as  Albert Einstein  or  Nikola Tesla , recognized that there was something that goes far beyond what is recognizable or understandable.

There is no doubt that the text of Ars Notoria continues to be an enigma for science and history. Is it really possible that this text provides enigmatic wisdom?

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