For a long time, Area 51 has been the focus of different conspiracy theories, especially because it is highly secret and hidden so that only people with official access can reach it. However, recently one of the biggest scandals involving this place came to light, especially because it was an engineer who worked in Area 51 that provided classified information. And although it seems incredible, many experts in the field agree that the information has all the veracity.

What happens in Area 51?
Testimonials that directly involve this place have been constantly revealed by people who had access, as the fact that in this place works with amazing technology to discover all kinds of mysteries in the universe that have to do mainly with aliens . It is something that, obviously, has resulted in endless conspiracy theories.

In addition, it has also been claimed that in this place some experiments have been done that nobody will ever know, in which they have been able to create hybrids between reptiles and humans. Basically, that’s where all kinds of information came from.

It is what we call “the jewel in the crown” of the conspiracy cases of the last 3 decades. And, if we talk about Area 51, we will talk about some secret and top secret government case that, year after year, dissipates like a “dropper”.

A former engineer from Area 51
However, recently it was discovered in video of an engineer who worked in Area 51 called Bill Uhouse, in which he states that he received the help of an alien to know how to handle a flying saucer. It is something that bristles the skin to anyone, and that, probably, is the most amazing revelation that has been discovered in these years. The engineer left this world in 2009, but not before revealing details as juicy as the name of the “supposed” engineer’s assistant: JRod.

This is a representation made by Ohouse himself of his “coworker”:

The truth is that, of all the names that might sound alien, sincerely, this is the one that least sounds like an extraterrestrial.

Among the secrets that Ohouse allegedly revealed, we can highlight the following:

The existence of massive underground systems with experimental laboratories and reverse engineering workshops.
Several races of humanoids working side by side with our engineers.
The revelation of the hybrid race of Nordic extraterrestrials, of which we already echoed on some occasion in our blog.
And hybrids of human reptiloids developed in these underground laboratories.

Interesting right? Well here is not the thing, because, one of the last things that revealed the ill-fated Ohouse, was the treaty signed by the same Eisenhower to start an “exchange” friendly with the extraterrestrials between technologies. Which brings us to the following question: What can we offer to them in this exchange? Human technology, no, of course.

Incredible secrets
Most likely, for the rest of our lives, people who already know of the existence of extraterrestrials, or that their UFOs are completely real and continue to hide it indefinitely, will continue in their thirteenths and it is something very disturbing. what they win or are plotting to want to hide this kind of discoveries from the rest of humanity. Why?

Here is a video on the very well-told subject:

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