Jim Carrey shouts to the world to WAKE UP and exposes the elite plan

Throughout history we have witnessed the enormous control and influence that the highest power groups have over society, managing leaders of nations and even deciding the future of the world economy. Some characters have managed to “open their eyes” and free themselves from oppression and control, one of them is Jim Carrey who has denounced the elite plan to the world .

Going against the elite is practically “risking your life”, a Russian roulette in which we definitely have no idea how it will turn out.

Over time we have witnessed that the statements of actor Jim Carrey are increasingly shocking. What could begin as a joke or a grimace in front of the cameras, turned out to be a message of awakening for the world.

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The changes that Carrey has undergone over the years are notorious. The fact of having freed himself from the manipulation and mental deprogramming of this “matrix” seems to have allowed him to see the reality of things and the dark characters that subdue humanity and control the world.

Carrey has proven to have freed himself from the tentacles of Hollywood, and to be capable of launching statements that jeopardize elitist plans.

Jim Carrey’s “Liberation” Process

Obviously for Carrey it has not been easy to free himself from oppression, much less shout to the world the injustices and negative acts of elitist groups.

The actor has gone through a process that took a few years. Carrey had a great influence on his friend Tom Shadyac.

After suffering an accident, Shadyac realized that his path was not the right one, that participating in Hollywood was not what he wanted to do in his life. This led him to make a radical change, indulging in meditation and undertaking new projects with the aim of “awakening humanity.”

This suggests that Carrey would not have found himself alone in his purpose, behind him there was a group composed of Shadyac and others interested in fighting elitist plans in Hollywood.

One of Carrey’s clear demonstrations occurred a few years ago while testifying for a live reporter. The message that the actor gave was taken by many as something nonsensical or a simple joke, but for the insiders, what Carrey wanted to convey to the world at the time was very revealing.

Carrey said the following :

I don’t believe in idols of show business. I don’t believe in personalities, I think peace is beyond them, beyond the invention of disguise, I think it is deeper than that. I do not exist. Our world is not our world. They Do not Care About Us”.

There is more:

I have not dressed. I dont exist. Only things happen. I wanted to find the most insignificant thing that I could join, so here I am. “

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Carrey has had an infinity of participations denouncing even organizations of the US government. His parody on the Illuminati is also remembered , which seems to have unleashed a wave over his life.

During the Jimmy Kimmel show, on which Carrey was a guest, he made a triangle with his hands and showed his tongue, alluding to the symbol of the powerful secret society.

During his presentation, Carrey went on to say that the Illuminati control everything. From that moment his life changed completely, and misfortunes came.

Carrey has denounced various characters and corporations, from Donald Trump, whom he described as a ” reptile ” and spying on electronic devices.

The actor could have suffered the influence of the elite due to his constant denunciations, some even claim that he could have been a victim of MK Ultra .

Nowadays, Carrey, far from the world of cinema, offers a revealing message from time to time, although not to the same level as he did before. Perhaps he could have suffered a coup from the elite or a warning that forces him not to follow through with his revelations.

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