Jim Carrey publicly revealed the Secrets of the Illuminati, and his Life changed for Mal (Video)

The life of the comic Jim Carrey seems to have been seen in recent years shaken by unfortunate episodes. All because of some strange statements in a TV Show in which he seemed to be exposing the Illuminati elite.

“For years now, the presenters of TV shows, and people of the show, have been managed by the government to get you out of the way, to distract you, to make you laugh, make you happy and docile so you do not know what is really happening”, stated Carrey on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

“Because you know, they meet out there, in the forest, naked and in a circle, where they decide these things,” the actor added clearly allude to the mysterious and elitist Bohemian Grove.

Not long ago, Carrey was also against the mercury present in mandatory vaccines, accusing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of being “corrupt”. In addition, the actor joined the crusade anti-vaccine when he was a couple of Jenny McCarthy, which has a child who was diagnosed with autism and for a time blamed vaccines for it.

All these would be enough reasons for the elite to decide to teach Carrey a lesson by exposing the public part of the plan they have been and are carrying out. As they say, “Illuminati blood sacrifice” … What do you think? Leave us your comment!

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