Secret film to prove that Russian KGB found Alien mummy on Giza Plateau

Conspiracy theorists believe that the builders of the Cheops Pyramid and the other two buildings were visitors from a different star. This would at least explain why the three pyramids were built according to the stars of the Orion constellation.

A sensational documentary film by the former Soviet secret service KGB could possibly shed light on the situation. By Frank Schwede.

During a secret mission under the cover name “Project ISIS” in 1961, KGB staff, along with a group of military experts, found a sarcophagus containing a strange mummy that was apparently worshipped as a god by ancient Egyptians and had already died in 11,000 BC.

Not only the story is mysterious, but also the way the footage was made public.

You have to know that the mission took place during the Cold War. And according to numerous UFO researchers, the Soviet leadership was obviously concerned that the USA was already in possession of alien technology.

In the context of the secret mission, which was led by Sami Saraf, by the way, a close confidant of the Egyptian President Abdel Nasser at that time, one hoped to come across such high technology as well. How one arrived at the assumption whether there was a tipster is not known.

It is assumed that the filmstrip fell into the hands of the Russian mafia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was the talk of a lot of money and it is also said that the material came directly from the archives of the KGB.

What was really in the sarcophagus is still controversial today. Critics assume that it was an Egyptian nobleman or a king, high-ranking KGB employees spoke of the mortal remains of an alien.

Numerous extraterrestrial artifacts with hieroglyphic inscriptions are said to have been found in the tomb. According to an expert in writing, the text refers to the return of the winged deities.

In order to understand the content of this message, one must consider in this case that the term spaceship did not yet exist at that time. So, in those days, a very imaginative language was used. But if one researches the royal papyrus Turin, also known as the Turin royal list, one comes across the name Osiris at some point.

Osiris was worshipped as a god and he was the first Egyptian king of the first dynasty. According to ancient Egyptian legend, he descended from the sky in a flying ship. Was God Osiris in truth perhaps an emissary of one of the three stars from the constellation Orion?


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