Secrets of the Vatican: manuscript reveals that human beings possess supernatural powers

The church and the Vatican keep many secrets from the world, but there is a manuscript that could be the most important of all: the “Divine Matrix”, the writings where it is revealed that the human being has supernatural power.

Max Planck , considered the father of quantum theory , made clear his thinking about the universe and how it was constituted.

In 1944, he declared that there was “a place” where everything was formed from the same pure energy.

This theory would be confirmed years later by Gregg Braden , a researcher who participated in different studies related to these theories in the 90s, and who discovered that, indeed, the Divine Matrix that Planck referred to existed .

What is the Divine Matrix

The Matrix Counts and the theory that the entire universe is a single energy. Credit: In short, it could be said that it is a kind of energy network in which the entire universe connects. An example of how it works would be our own brain and how it creates a “network” of information about our body.

For Planck, everything that exists is connected in this network, so, at the quantum level, there is nothing physical ; everything is energy, vibration, so each thing in the universe would have an effect on another.

The human being is part of said energetic universe, so it is composed of energy vibrations that are constantly emanated and the proof of this would be quantum physics itself .

The power of the human being

The human being would have the power to influence his own destiny. Credit: Felix Mittermeier / Pxhere Different experiments related to the Divine Matrix showed that the DNA of human beings can be modified in relation to the frequency that feelings and emotions generate .

That means that every human would have the power and would be able to change the structures of the universe through their own emotions.

Studies also showed that the strongest emotions in this regard are those related to love . The vibrations emanating from it are so powerful that they directly impact the environment in such a powerful way that it transforms our DNA and that of our closest environment .

That means that the human being has a much greater power within himself than we have ever thought.

The Vatican cover-up

The Vatican withheld this knowledge from the people. Credit: Collective / Wikimedia Commons The Bible , in many of its passages, talks about a “power” that the human being has. However, the church and the Vatican have never made mention of it. In fact, they have taken it upon themselves to hide this information to make people solely dependent on their faith to it.

But all this has begun to change since 1946 , with the discovery of the ” Codex of Isaiah ” and other texts that were found in the Qnram caves on the Dead Sea.

These manuscripts written by the prophet Isaiah about 2000 years ago speak about a kind of quantum science, just as modern science began to understand it only decades ago.

Current quantum physics suggests the existence of infinite possibilities of different futures for each “change” that our life undergoes unconsciously and how these futures are kept “at rest”, waiting to be activated by our decisions.

The Codex of Isaiah makes mention of this, and explains it in a simple and clear way . For this reason, many experts, such as Braden himself, suggest the existence of an ancient technology that disappeared along with other manuscripts, just as it happened with this codex.

The rebirth of power

The power described in the Isaiah codex is returning to the people. Credit: Since the recent discovery of these archives, humanity is witnessing information about a technology that has been hidden from it for millennia .

However, it is Braden himself who explains to us that this technology is much simpler than we think and that, in fact, we already know it under the name of “prayer.”

When correctly applied, prayer, together with human imagination itself, could give us the ability to do extraordinary things .

The problem is that, currently, people live anchored to an external faith, many based on religions created in this New Age that promulgate a message of total dependence, making people leave their destinies in their hands.

But these ancient documents reveal how human beings are capable of consciously choosing their own destiny and explain how we ourselves have the key to create our reality.

Among the methods stands out a model of lost prayer , the way in which, through quantum science, we can heal our body . It also mentions eternal peace and avoiding climatic catastrophes that human beings should suffer in short periods of time.

A different concept of God

Gregg Braden, during his investigations, discovered something that is still under discussion due to the controversial nature of his message .

He suggests that the current concept of “God” is wrong . Rather, the manuscripts refer to God as a pure love, power, and energy that does not die or disappear.

In short, God would be the energy found in the universe , in everything that makes it up, and since we are also part of that energy, we are made in his “image and likeness.”

Although more studies and research on the subject are lacking, these manuscripts could explain many things that appear in the Bible and that not even the Church itself has been able to answer. Is it possible that human beings have the power to change their own destiny? “Do well and you will be well”, perhaps, it is possible …

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