Security Camera Captures a “Temporary Traveler” in the United States? (Video)

Through social networks circulates the video of a supposed ghost that was captured by a security camera in a store in the United States.

In the images it is observed how a young man wearing a hood crosses the door of the premises; also, at that moment the image of the video changes the date from 2016 to 2019. On the recording appears a man in street situation who sleeps at the entrance of the store and does not realize the surprising moment.

Some social network users say that it is a time traveler, while others say it is a montage. The video was shared last April 8 of last year by YouTube user “UFOmania”, site dedicated to videos of paranormal situations, and not very well-known.

How about? Real or False? As always, we let the reader search, investigate, and reach their own conclusions .. Leave us your comment! 😉

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