The Discovery of the 12,000-Years-Old Mountain Sized Statue Lady of Mali

No doubt about it, this is one of the greatest time periods to live in if you’re a fan of ancient architectural wonders. Every day we find more and more of these behemoths of ancient civilization simply lying around. Today we will be focusing mostly on a peculiar stone that was first discovered by professor Angelo Pitoni in Sierra Leone, West Africa, in a diamond mine back in 1990.

Upon discovery he rightfully so named it the sky stone, and upon further research specialists came to the conclusion that there is no other explanation for its composition other than that it is made out of pure oxygen which was given color by an unknown agent. This agent is a complete mystery to this day, regardless if you believe the oxygen theory or not what is indisputable is the fact that it is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Angelo Pitoni was a man of many talents, he was an agronomist, a botanist, but most of all he was a geologist. He had made many discoveries in his time, emeralds, gold mines and more were all part of his life at that point already, but he had never expected to come into contact with such an incredible mystery regardless.

Unfortunately though, he did not live to find out everything that there was to this discovery since he passed away back in 2009, and with him all of the secrets that he spoke of having finally gotten the answers to were buried off with him. Video:


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