15-million-year-old shoeprint found in Fisher Canyon, Nevada

This shoe print fossil was reportedly discovered in a coal seam in Fisher Canyon, Nevada. This particular vein is believed to be approximately 15 million years old, so the footprint has to be of a similar age. Close examination of the fossil reveals traces of a double stitched line around the perimeter. It appears to be a size 13, and the right side of the heel appears to be more worn than the left. There is no explanation of how it got there.

Unfortunately there is not much additional information, just the photo and where it was found. This is the only image that has been shared of the find, and no further information has been given about the exact location of the footprint. Some believe that it is to preserve it from being damaged by curious people who approach the place.

Some theories have been raised as to how the footprint was imprinted on the rock.

The first is that the footprint has been made recently and that the carbon does not really take millions of years to form (an explanation not supported by science)

The second is that there were people (or something similar to us) walking with shoes 15 million years ago (of which we have no historical record)

The third is that the planet Earth was visited by ancient aliens

Another is that time travelers went back in time and inadvertently left this imprint on the soft ground.

If this photo is real, how could the imprint of a modern shoe be imprinted on a 15 million year old material?

It’s up to you?

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