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4,000-year-old alien craft found in the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon, that lonely and strange arid region, still holds many archaeological mysteries. The latest research has revealed the possible existence of a 4,000-year-old Alien Ship.

Aerial view of the Grand Canyon.

One of the rangers in charge of guarding the Grand Canyon , came across a strange structure. Experts assured that this material belongs to an Alien Ship .

This is one more proof that adds to a long list of evidences that shows that, in the past, our planet was visited by beings from other worlds .

Alien Ship in the Grand Canyon?

Buried under the arid lands of the Grand Canyon, a gigantic carcass of a metal unknown to scientists was found.

The dimensions of this structure encompassed the entire fund in which it was found. Or that was what a group of researchers who followed up on the finding declared , who preferred to remain anonymous .

Carbon analysis that was carried out on the metal, showed that the object could have a date of the year 2000 a. C. Thus, the strange structure would have a total of 4,000 years old.

According to some specialists, the team in charge of investigating the discovery is a military faction that secretly works everything related to UFOs .

The deduction that certain ufologists arrived at about the structure is that it is an alien ship, which had a spectacular accident 4 millennia ago.

The metallic substance with which the ship was made is totally unknown . A slight radiation is emitted from the shell . In addition, according to the leaked information, the huge carcass was removed and immediately guarded.

California-based astronomer Henry Leaumont told the Weekly World News website after being shown confidential files from the US Air Force on the case.

Leaumont said that his contacts told him that the structure was definitely not of terrestrial origin . It was an alien ship that housed between 12 to 20 passengers .

The cave painting in the area could reveal that the crew of the alien ship inhabited the surroundings.

“Aliens 4,000 years ago on Earth”

The characteristics of the cockpit suggest that the crew members had a human- like physiognomy , albeit much smaller. They were apparently breathing oxygen and guiding the ship through a magnetic steering system. They also had cupboards that stored food and water supplies.

The ship suffered several damage when it collided with the limestone of the floor of the Grand Canyon, near a place known as Comanche Poiint.

A detailed inspection of the landing zone showed that the beings that manned the alien ship left the place. Thus leaving the abandoned ship, inhabiting the vicinity for some years.

«This impression is confirmed by Indian cave paintings made at the time. Paintings found near the crash site show strange humanoid creatures with bulbous heads.

Experts believe that these creatures were the beings that arrived on the ancient alien ship. The ship is made of an extremely light metallic fiber.

Relative to the alien ship, it is about 15 meters wide and 31 meters long . It could be considered the most important find in relation to UFOs in history, reason enough for the US government to hide it.

This is not the first evidence that the governmental elite of the planet hide. According to experts, it is through it that they technologically update their military vehicles. Who knows what this alien ship could bring you.

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