Aliens who have been rescued from crashed UFOs reveal what they want from us (video)

The tragic events of September 11th are not to be laughed at. The lives lost on that day will be remembered forever, and we will never trivialize the case.

But, as well-known as this tragedy is, did you know it wasn’t the only tragic occurrence to occur during that time period?

About two days before the crisis on 9/9, a UFO from the future landed on Earth, and when the aliens descended from their spacecraft, they started showing us what they had been trying to teach us all along.

Since the video was leaked, don’t expect it to be in flawless condition. Former President Jimmy Carter was the one who first released it, and he said that it is top-secret video that could never have been made public.

Immediately after every sighting, these men in black come and take it inside. However, we do sometimes get evidence of the aliens, which dispels all concerns that the images were staged to begin with.

Take, for example, the Colorado crashed UFO site, which shows the following Grey Aliens emerging from their crashed submarine.

Many people think they are potential humans who have evolved in this way. So, if the Grey aliens are the future, do the Reptilians represent the past?

The videos were taken down from the internet because the government is in cahoots with these aliens and has stated that they intend to keep it a secret.

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