Lunar pyramidal structures? “The reason why we have not returned to the Moon”

There are many theories as to why the Moon has not been returned. Independent researchers and other members of the community say it is due to the existence of pyramidal structures.

Edgar Mitchell, former NASA astronaut.

For decades, many people have wondered why humanity has not returned to the Moon . What is the reason? Why haven’t they said anything about it?

However thanks to the publications made by a group of former NASA scientists , which revealed the location of pyramidal structures located on the lunar surface.

The mystery of the moon landing

Edgar Mitchell, former NASA astronauts and the sixth person to walk on the Moon , at this time it can already be said that humanity is not alone in the universe.

It is believed that world powers have kept all kinds of information on this subject safe. Especially from what was found on the Moon during the moon landings .

Mitchell stated that every NASA worker must take an oath of confidentiality . However, this has not been enough and many employees have disclosed what is hidden.

One of the most important characters in this disclosure is John Brandenburg , a scientist with a Ph.D. in Plasma Physics, a consultant at Monrningstar Applied Physics LLC, and a part-time professor at Madison College of astronomy, physics, and mathematics.

Brandenburg was part of NASA during the Clementine mission , which was done in conjunction with the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. The goal was to thoroughly investigate the satellite.

It was thanks to this mission that the existence of water was discovered at the lunar poles . However, the scientist said that “something else” was found.

Photographic reconnaissance revealed the existence of advanced pyramidal bases and structures on the lunar surface.

Several former employees have revealed the existence of pyramidal structures and bases on the Moon.

Among the images, a kind of straight wall stands out, measuring approximately a mile wide . This showed that, obviously, it was an artificial structure .

But the most worrying thing about the matter is that the representative of the Defense Organization said nothing . It was obvious that none of those structures were human. Why was he silent?

Editing pyramidal structures on the Moon?

However, Brandenburg is not the only one to divulge this information. The first person to tell this was Ken Johnston , former director of NASA’s Department of Space Photographic Evidence.

The scientist stated that, during his working days, he was able to observe original images of the lunar surface, where there were several pyramidal structures.

In addition, he said that all information of this type is protected by high-ranking US government officials. The one that reaches the public is always manipulated.

Shortly after giving these statements, NASA declared that it never had a relationship with Ken Johnston. However, there is evidence that needs no explanation:

The photos that NASA published in 1950 and the clear differences that exist with the most recent ones. The latter, clearly, are manipulated .

What was actually found on the Moon? Why has the satellite not been stepped on again when the technology is now much more advanced? There has to be a real compelling reason .

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