“Mysterious lights” on the Moon: extraterrestrial presence? (Video)

At the end of last year, in Indianapolis, astronomers filmed the moon and were surprised to discover that an object of unknown origin was floating near the Earth’s satellite.

A few months ago, Bruce, from the channel “Bruce Sees All”, offered us some amazing images of an intelligent object that was entering the far side of the Moon.

Years observing the moon to find oddities and inexplicable phenomena that do not have any logic for the knowledge of many scientists.

Recently, Dr. Robert Jastrow, the first chairman of the NASA commission , even called the moon the planet’s Rosetta stone, which means that it is on the moon or within the moon that the answer to the mystery of the origin of life on Earth.

“This means that perhaps we came from the same place on this rock.”

“As soon as people got the first telescopes, back in the 18th century, already at that time on the Moon, some kind of activity was constantly being observed, and it is clear that it was inhuman, that they were flying past the bottom of the moon.

In recent years, many inexplicable phenomena associated with the Moon have accumulated .

Recently, in the context of the Moon, incomprehensible lights were seen again, this time green and at other times as white and bright as the moon itself.

Astronomers around the world are lost in conjecture, they are trying to analyze incomprehensible flares and grasp some system, but they have not found a rational explanation.

One thing is clear, in the celestial body closest to Earth there is a certain technical device to generate intense light. and where it is located .. hard to say.

They can be both stationary beacons and installed in mobile machines or aircraft of some terrestrial or extraterrestrial space force. What do you think? Watch the following video for more information.

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