NASA uncovered: “They find Excel sheets with Alien Pilots” (Video)

Anyone who knows the history of NASA knows that it has been uncovered on more than one occasion. His biggest misstep was when hacker Gary McKinnon hacked into a host of secrets, including aliens.

Gary McKinnon was the hacker who could see the EXCEL list.

For years, NASA has withheld vital information about space from the general public. That is why it is not surprising that hackers have tried to obtain that information by force.

That is exactly what Gary McKinnon did at the beginning of this millennium. He infiltrated the space agency database to find out what they were hiding.

However, he never imagined that he could come across so much information related to UFOs and aliens.

What NASA hides

McKinnon discovered several files containing photographs of UFOs , documents with EXCEL files , where lists of pilots and soldiers were found .

These were numbered with different ranks, from Sergeant to Major and leader of different spaceships . Among these soldiers, there were some who were not of this world .

McKinnon spent more than a decade in prison and his life is slipping between courts and tribunals. NASA, to date, has managed to keep it quiet .

However, in different press conferences or interviews, the hacker assured that the EXCEL file exists . Or at least it was in the files when he signed in.

If this were to be confirmed, the United States government would have no other way to continue hiding . Not only the contact, but the relationship that exists with said power and alien beings.

For having released information, the hacker spent more than a decade behind bars.

What are they hiding from us?

However, the same question that we have been repeating ourselves for decades comes back to haunt us. Why hide from the world that we have maintained constant contact with beings from other worlds?

The only possible reason is that they are doing something that only benefits a small number of people and, on the contrary, harms the majority.

This matter has not been reported by Gary McKinnon. In fact, if we talk about “credibility”, despite his feat, the hacker could be one of the least.

Unlike high officials of the government itself, active and retired military and even former workers of the space agency.

All of them have denounced that both the US government, along with other world powers, already maintain highly advanced contact with intelligent entities from other worlds.

So can we be sure that NASA has, or had, a list of alien pilots on file? Why is this list? What ships operate and what is their mission?

Many questions remain unsolved. But the hope is the large number of weighty people within different governments who have denounced the alien presence among us.

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