The US Navy “has holographic technology to create UFOs” [Video]

The number of UFO sightings is at an all-time high according to experts. More than 100,000 sightings have been recorded in the last 100 years, but in just a few months we have surpassed all records.

From a 1995 ” alien autopsy ” video to images of fighter jets apparently chasing a UFO over the Pacific Ocean, there are hundreds of pieces of evidence that for many people are proof of alien life on our planet.

But it must also be said that most of the videos have been disproved by experts.

This leads us to a strange theory, that secret government agencies publish videos that are clearly false in order to more easily discredit those that are true.

It would be a system known as ” distraction “, and it serves to make it impossible to identify the evidence that shows how intelligent extraterrestrial life exists cooperating with governments around the world, even controlling our destiny.

As we have commented previously, since the beginning of the pandemic we have seen a surprising boom in UFO sightings around the world, it has caused all kinds of reactions among the population.

And due to the unexpected response that is having en masse, the US Navy has been forced to act: it has recognized having a holographic system to create UFOs.

The United States Navy recently patented a method to create 3D images in the air using plasma.

The technology is intended to create a heat source, drawing hostile infrared-guided missiles away from their targets.

Experts are convinced that this advanced system is responsible for a number of UFO sightings reported by Navy pilots in 2004, 2014 and 2015. However, this technology does not explain everything.

The technology, revealed by Forbes magazine, is the result of years of research and development in missile countermeasures technology.

Infrared-guided air-to-air missiles are launched by fighter jets and aim at the target’s infrared signals. Currently, aircraft can destroy enemy missiles by firing flares or “blinding” the missile seeker.

Plasma-based anti-missile technology uses high-intensity lasers built into the rear of an aircraft to generate a “plasma filament.”

This plasma filament in turn generates an infrared signal that gets close to the target, enough to deflect an enemy missile.

It can also quickly tune the plasma to match the infrared radiation emitted by the target, creating an even more effective distraction.

However, there is something really strange about using laser-induced plasma filaments to create airborne images.

The patent does not mention the use of plasma filaments to fool anyone but the missile seekers.

That said, the ability to draw objects in the sky would apparently explain one aspect of the UFO sightings reported by the US Navy, as it might be possible to create UFOs.

Although it must be said that the Pentagon is unlikely to release videos of its own secret weapon. But conspiracy theorists have their own theory.

They consider that plasma filament technology is unlikely to be responsible for such encounters. While we don’t know what the mysterious objects are, there are aspects to the Navy sightings that apparently rule out holographic technology.

The technology behind the patent is an innovative way to defend aircraft from enemy missiles.

But it has been shown that it does not serve as an explanation for the UFOs observed by the Navy in the last 16 years, much less for the sightings that are being registered around the world.

So it seems that the attempt to discredit the extraterrestrial presence on our planet by the United States government has not been of much use. Don’t let them fool you.

What do you think of the Navy’s holographic technology? Do you think it serves as an explanation for UFO sightings ? Or is everything a “smokescreen” to cover up the truth?

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