Vatican Secrets: Manuscript reveals humans have supernatural powers

Human beings possess supernatural powers , but are largely ignorant of it. An ancient manuscript reveals it and even reveals the secret .

The divine Matrix is the energy network that connects our entire universe, it is made up of a network of many filaments similar to those present in our brain.

In 1944, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, stunned the world when he said that there was a place where there was only pure energy, where all things have a beginning and are simply “E”.

According to researcher Gregg Braden , who has been dedicated to this type of study for more than 20 years, recent discoveries highlight the evidence that the Matrix that Planck spoke of really exists and that is the divine Matrix. Planck affirmed that this Matrix has its origin in the stars, in the rocks, in the DNA, and in life and in everything that exists.

Microscopically there is nothing physical, everything is vibration, everything is the effect of condensed energy. We live in a universe full of vibrations and our bodies are and are made up of those vibrations of energy that we constantly emanate.

Planck already approved, through quantum physics, that we are all connected through our own vibration. On the other hand, scientific experiments showed that our DNA changes with the frequency produced by our feelings and emotions, that is, vibrations. This shows us a new way that has the energy to connect with all of creation.

This powerful energy appears to be a tightly woven web that connects all matter and at the same time essentially influences this web of creation through our own vibrations. The experiments found that the highest energy frequencies that exist are those of love, and these impact the environment, they do so in a material way, producing transformations in our DNA and in our closest environment. This has a deep meaning, and it is that we have much more power than we imagine.

We have always heard about that power that we possess, mainly through the Bible, but that information has never passed to the public in a close way so that the same human being creates that power that it has, but has been abolished by the Church, hidden by the Church to make us weaker and more malleable. Everything has changed since they discovered a manuscript of the great code of Isaiah and other Essene texts, such as that of the caverns of Qumran, in the Dead Sea, in the year 1946.

Attributed to the prophet Isaiah, it seems to have been written more than 2,000 years ago, the text describes everything that quantum science began to understand only a few years ago, that is, the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives and that the most of the time we choose unconsciously. Each of these futures is in a state of rest, waiting to be awakened with our decisions made in the present.

The Isaiah code accurately describes these possibilities, in language we are now beginning to understand. Isaiah describes the science and from the declaration of the manuscript, with simple and clear examples, Gregg Braden makes reference to us that there was a technology widely used in ancient times, which was dispersed in the fourth century, as a result of that disappearance and of the destruction of the Rare Books or relegated to the mystery school were lost in time.

Now after the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, all the information is reappearing again for humanity. The scientist and researcher speaks of a very simple technology, universally known by the name of prayer. This sentence, applied correctly, would give us the possibility of obtaining extraordinary things in addition to the human imagination that also plays its role. But of course who knows how to use it correctly?

The manuscripts found in the Dead Sea are of considerable importance to sleeping humanity. Nowadays, many live at the mercy of the spiritual forces of the fashionable religions, of the New Age movements, giving the power of their destiny to the hands of any other being, except for themselves. The manuscript that has been discovered explains how we can choose the future that we wish to consciously experience, revealing the keys to our role as creators of our reality.

Among these keys are the instructions of a lost model of prayer, which quantum science attributes the power to heal our own body, bring lasting peace, and prevent great climatic tragedies that humanity could face in a short time.

Gregg Braden says that little by little we are accepting the possibility that there is a new fully accessible energy field and that our DNA is able to communicate with photons through this field. The key to obtaining a result, among the many possibilities already existing, lies in the ability we have to feel that our choice has already been created and is happening at this moment.

Viewing prayer in this way as a feeling leads us to find the quality of thought and emotion that produces such a feeling. From this perspective, our prayer based on our feelings ceases to be something to be obtained and becomes something to accept and the desired result that is already being created.

In the time of the Essenes, words were the strongest and most powerful that we had for that reason, the Church and the powers that be, covered this manuscript, to enslave and continue to dominate the entire world. Where are these manuscripts? We don’t know, but we try to get closer to the truth, because the truth is the only thing that will set us free.

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